A Beautiful Choice

Flitting, rather than quitting, is the latest freedom plan for smokers who want to reduce the harm of tobacco without having to completely break with cigarettes.

Based on the wisdom that “If you encounter an impossible obstacle, go round it!”  Flitting changes the rules of the game by allowing you to ‘keep the best and vape the rest’.

Instead of smoking a pack a day, as so many do, flitting is a way of reducing your daily intake to the two or three cigarettes that really move your world, while enjoying the clean nicotine of ecigs for all those other ’pleasurable moments’ of your day.

Flitting is particularly helpful for ‘trapped smokers’ — often those in their late thirties who have already made several quit attempts, and now live in a love-hate relationship with tobacco.

Flitting - A Beatiful Choice sets out a manageable path from dependency to autonomy using an incredibly simple approach. It’s available for $9.95 on Amazon Books, so why not check it out!

Welcome to the pleasure of Flitting ;)

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