A Beautiful Choice

About the Author

James Cullinan

James Cullinan was first captivated by the challenge of how one breaks free from tobacco a decade ago, when as a specialist in innovation, he was brought–in to help develop the NiQuitin Mentor Programme for GlaxoSmithKline. The programmes he helped develop in 2004 achieved quitting success rates of around 75% in two successive cohort studies based at University College London Hospital. These were extraordinarily high success rates for any programme based on Nicotine Replacement Theory.

Over the next decade, James went on to author two more programmes designed to help individuals win the ’mind game’ of becoming smoke–free. Re-so-lute was designed for corporations and Se-la-vie for individuals. Both programmes leveraged James' background in change management in the Business Transformation practice of KPMG Consulting in London.

In 2011, when James first became aware of ecigs, he co-founded SwissVapour and was responsible for developing ESTEEM, a premium ecig brand, which the company sold in a private transaction midway through 2014.

James has a PPE from Oxford and an MBA from INSEAD where he was awarded the Sassakawa Young Leaders Foundation Scholarship for cross-cultural sensitivity. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland and is fluent in English and French.

About the Illustrator

Vanessa Maynard

Vanessa Maynard is an accomplished Artist & Designer. Her amazing talent spans many creative disciplines — and she has been active in most since graduating in Design | Media at UCLA in 2009.

Vanessa has launched many innovative design projects in her hometown of Sacramento, and delivered a complete repertoire of freelance works, predominantly in the music industry where she feels a special connection.

She leverages her latest and distinctively fresh vision which integrates a new way of observing life, an intuitive feeling and her unique presention of breathtaking design to the world of appreciative and media savvy consumers.

Vanessa is a proud member of The Keystone Design Union which strives to recognize and unite the worlds top creative talent. They picked another star here!

About the Publisher

SwissVapour | Recreating Recreation

SwissVapour is in the business of ‘recreating recreation’ For the past ten years their team has been engaged in the challenge of finding effective pathways for those who wish to escape their dependency on traditional cigarettes, based on their strong belief that “Smokers Crave an Alternative”.

Through a combination of innovation, industry–specific knowledge and entrepreneurial expertise they have helped to create and defend the world–class status of electronic cigarettes as a fresh alternative.

The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, where it offers publishing and consulting services to its business partners. Previous publications include “Switchcraft. How to Ace your first 21 days with electronic cigarettes”.

Our Policy Stance: Flitting versus Quitting

Flitting is aimed at reducing the harm caused by tobacco in those who smoke because they are unwilling or more likely truly unable to quit right now. It's not a stop smoking programme, and it makes no medical claims. Instead it fits into the category of ‘tobacco harm reduction’.

Despite countless strongly–worded smoking cessation campaigns, many of which ‘stigmatise’ smokers, there are still millions of intelligent and well-informed individuals who continue to smoke. Our stance is that we should work with these individuals, not against them. Flitting allows them to satisfy their dependency (which is on nicotine not tobacco) without forfeiting their dignity.

Our belief is that small 'flitting' gains by many people have more benefit for a community than heroic 'quitting' gains achieved by a select few. Flitting, which encourages the simultaneous use of cigarettes (which are clearly harmful) and e-cigs (which to the best of our scientific knowledge are almost harmless) is a fusion of contemporary stop smoking approaches; common sense; pragmatism; empathy; enlightened change management and, most importantly of all, a realistic appreciation of the daily challenges faced by anyone wishing to quit.

Unlike getting fit or losing weight, which are based on continued progress towards an ultimate goal, the conventional stop smoking plan is defined by the absence of cigarettes in your life, so it all ends the moment you smoke again. There is no notion of good days where you make progress, and bad days where you give back some of your gains. There’s just conditional success while you’re smoke-free and abject failure if you ever relapse.

Flitting removes the all-or-nothing nature of stop smoking programmes, and relies instead on continued incremental progress towards an ultimate goal. We acknowledge that on some days you may go backwards, while recalling how Flitting is a path you can sustain, without any fear of relapsing.

Our messages are aimed at those in their mid- to late thirties. In general, smokers in this category have probably been smoking for around 20 years, have made several serious yet unsuccessful quit attempts, and now consume around a pack a day. We encourage them to reduce their daily intake to the one or two cigarettes that really matter, and enjoy the ‘clean nicotine’ of e-cigs for all the other ‘pleasurable moments’ of their day.

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