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A Vaping Glossary

Oxford Dictionaries chose Vape as its international Word of the Year 2014 after their research showed that use of the word has more than doubled in one year.

Cigalike: An electronic cigarette that closely resembles a traditional cigarette. Also referred to as first generation ecigs.

Disposable E-Cigarette: Designed to be thrown away after consumption, rather than being recharged and re–used.

Ecig or E-cig: Alternative names for electronic cigarette, which we describe below

E-juice or E-liquid: Flavoured liquid solution for an electronic cigarette. E-liquids usually contain nicotine.

Propylene Glycol: A colourless liquid that normally constitutes two thirds or more of an e-liquid solution.

Personal Vaporiser (or PV): A alternative name for electronic cigarette.

Second Generation Eicigs: Used by scientists to refer to tank systems, with cigalikes being first generation e-cigarettes.

Smokeless Cigarette: Alternative phrase for electronic cigarette. Not commonly used by vapers, but often used in media stories about electronic cigarettes.

Throat Kick or Throat Hit: The feeling when the vapor hits the back of your throat. Positive reviews of electronic cigarettes often mention a good "Throat kick."

Third Generation Eicigs: Used by scientists to refer to ‘mod systems’ which have been gaining in popularity.

Vape: To inhale the vapour of an ecig.

Vaper: Someone who uses an electronic cigarette.

Vaping: The habit of using electronic cigarettes.

Vegetable Glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is a clear, colourless, odourless and sweet liquid used as an alternative to propylene glycol in e-liquid.

An Electronic Cigarette, or ecig, is a battery-powered device that provides an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The device produces a vapour that has the appearance, sensation, and much of the flavour of tobacco smoke. In most cases you will have a choice of nicotine level, and some which are nicotine-free. Ecigs don’t contain tobacco, however they do use nicotine which is derived from tobacco plants. Other more technical names for an ecig include personal vaporizer (PV) and electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS).

Because many ecigs resemble traditional cigarettes, your actions and rituals when you vape are similar to conventional smoking, except there’s no ash to flick, nor ashtrays to clean! These devices also do not produce second–hand smoke. This allows users to replicate the experience to smoking, yet without the harmful cocktail of chemicals that are produced by burning tobacco.

It is important to note that electronic cigarettes are not recommended for non–smokers or ex–smokers, and versions that contain nicotine should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, or by anyone who suffers from a heart condition. We also urge users to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Although Herbert Gilbert filed a US Patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette in 1963, the invention of contemporary ecigs was made by Hon Lik, a Hong Kong pharmacist who was so moved by the distress of witnessing his father die of lung cancer, that he put his professional skills into practice by infusing nicotine into a tobacco flavoured liquid solution that he heated to produce a vapour.

He designed the delivery device to resemble a conventional cigarette, so that smokers could puff in the same way, and also keep their smoking gestures. For the first time, smokers could separate the nicotine on which they depend from the tar and the myriad of toxins that cause harm, and he called it Ruyan, which means ‘resembling smoking’.

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