A Beautiful Choice

Flitting takes you on a journey, marked by seven key messages, which has the power to completely transform your attitude to smoking.

Flitting shows trapped smokers how to balance the pleasure of cigarettes with their desire for a healthy and fulfilling life. Instead of persuading them to quit, it guides them towards keeping those smoking moments that really matter, and taking advantage of the clean nicotine in ecigs for the rest of their daily enjoyment.

The book explains why, in most cases, "flitting" is better than "quitting", and it sets out a manageable path from dependency to autonomy, based on an incredibly simple approach:

The journey of Flitting is marked by seven key messages, which have the power to completely transform your attitude to smoking by resolving the following traditional concerns:

1. Why Change Now ?

The Butterfly Effect. A small change can have large effects.

2. What to Change ?

Choose your Battle. Nicotine causes dependency, but it's tobaccco that causes harm.

3. A Beautiful Choice

No Beauty without Health. How a simple habit can keep you beautiful and happy.

4. Keeping the Control

Moderation beats Mutiny. We share our secret for how to maintain the upper hand on your impulses.

5. Reaching your Goal

Flitting should beat quitting. It’s a path you can sustain without relapsing.

6. The Art of Living

Live in the Now. In the present we have neither guilt about the past nor fear of the future.

7. Breathing Healthily

A breath of fresh air! With the right breathing technique you can enjoy e-cigs as much as your traditional ones!

With the recurring motif of the Morpho Butterfly as a symbol of change, Flitting is presented like a modern artwork: an expression of vitality within a framework of order.

Smokers who have felt alienated by their habit, also discover how flitting enables them not just to fit-in, but actually to stand-out in society.

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